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Malvern’s First Pride

Town’s community come together for first LGBT+ Event

Malvern Pride is being organised by a group of local residents and business-people to celebrate the LGBT+ community in and around Malvern. It will be held on Saturday 27th July 2019 between 12 Noon and 5pm in Priory Park. The theme for our very first Malvern Pride is ‘community’ and our aim, to promote inclusivity and equality for everyone.

Being gay in a small town can be a very lonely existence even today when the world has moved on so much. I was lucky and was able to escape to university in London in the early 1980’s and become part of the gay community there but moving back in 2007, I still found it surprisingly hard to meet people and make friends. So we hope that through making Pride happen here in our home town we can bring our own and the wider community together in a spirit of acceptance and inclusion and send a message to young and old that you don’t have to leave this wonderful little town to find a community where you can be yourself and feel comfortable and valued.

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